Product & Services reviews

Below are the product and service reviews made by myself.  Reviews listed are the ones done by invitation.

  1. 2011 – HTC HD7 smartphone review. Offered by Maxis [links]
  2. 2012 – Zalora Malaysia review.  Offered by Zalora Malaysia. [link]
  3. 2012 – ZTE Acqua smartphone review. Offered by ZTE [link]
  4. 2013 – BolehVPN review. Offered by BolehVPN. [link unavailable]
  5. 2014 – Unotelly VPN service. Offered by Unotelly. [link]
  6. 2015 – Sharp Cloud Alarm/Security System Review [link]

Numerous personal reviews on gadgets and services were also done on devices and gadgets as listed below:

  1. Altel internet performance in Kuching [link]
  2. Keypard VPN review [link]
  3. Xioami Mi3 Review [link]
  4. MyTeksi App Review [link]
  5. Xiaomi Redmi 1S Review [link]
  6. Motorola Moto G Review [link]
  7. TMgo Service Review in Kuching [link]
  8. Asus TP300LD Review [link]

FYI, I try to make every review as simple as possible, leaving the detailed and confusing terms which normal users will not understand.  That said, I try to review items which are important to the end user.

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